Accompany Children  YUBO can be adjusted automatically by detecting how tall Paul is, so that Paul can hug YUBO’s hands easily. YUBO can help Paul learn to walk by leading him smoothly.   Emotion Perception  YUBO can analyze the color image, 3D depth image and sound signals so that YUBO can detect Amber’s emotion through scan her feature.  Therefore, YUBO always can give proper feedback to Amber for funny her master.   Bedtime Story-telling  YUBO project a story on the ceiling, kids can watch and hear bedtime stories with lullaby before sleep.  Kids would feel peaceful and then fall asleep gradually. 
  Educational Purpose  YUBO can display interesting education content on the screen, and always accompany with them. The content not only show on display, but create interaction with kids.
 In the human computer interaction aspect, we focused on YUBO’s expression. From the psychology theory, we know that human-being is very sensitive to face expression, this is how we identify the unfamiliar things if it is consisted of risks or danager or not. We enriched the expressions of YUBO, not only make YUBO feel closer to children, but also make YUBO more trustable and user-friendly. To sum up, we developed so many expression for building up the communication bridge between YUBO and children. 
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